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Our Story

Manly thai


After a year in Manly, we continue to bring fresh and creative Thai lunches and dinners to our clientele, along with changing Blackboard Specials.

Sam and Nat studied food and hospitality in their native Thailand for 3 years and have had their own varied experience in restaurants in both Thailand and more recently in Australia. In 2008,they teamed up to open Manly Thai Gourmet.

Our chef, Nat, goes to fresh-food markets daily to select the best and freshest meat, fruits and vegetables to go into our traditional as well as his own creative dishes. He personally seeks out Thai herbs and spices from Sydney’s “Thai-town” outlets and brings new flavours to all his recipes. We provide thai food in manly, Takeaway thai food, delivery thai food into your door.

We have become a local institution for our regular Manly customers, and a surprise “find” for those visiting from outside of Manly.

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